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Craft Bros Music



For decades, the Craft Brothers dreamed of opening a music store in their hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. JT, Elizabeth, Mitch, & Dave finally got untracked and started Craft Bros Music to serve the needs of musicians across the region. 

Craft Bros Music is a mission-driven company, built on the family's desire to foster growth, build community, and spread joy through music. Our goal is to meet the needs of gigging musicians, educators, students, and hobbyists by providing quality products and experiences. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or brand new to music, come and visit us. We will treat you like family.

Here's a little more info on the musical history of the Craft Brothers in Sheridan:

Mitch, Dave, and JT--the handsome devils known as the Craft Brothers--began their musical careers at an early age when their parents forced them to take up the fiddle. With no choice in the matter, they pursued their parents’ dream, slowly adding instruments to their repertoire and drawing a loyal following of tone-deaf bluehairs. Over the years, they’ve played about every free event they could drum up, and even sold a seat or two at their Wild & Wooly WYO Show. And then it came to pass that the brothers begat a new generation; and when the equipment got too heavy, they brought in the younger people to carry the heavy stuff. Turns out Will and Henry are more talented than the old guys and have quickly risen to the ranks of full fledged band members. (And, fun fact, there are several more younger Craft Brothers in the pipeline heading to a stage near you over the next few years.) Also joining the band at times are Elizabeth and Jules Craft, two lovely humans with beautiful voices who clearly experienced lapses of judgment by joining the Craft family. If you'd like to hire the Craft Brothers to play at your event, just shoot us an email at